Tuesday, August 14, 2007

something heavy this way comes

Another batch of books has arrived. And they are getting bigger. Darkmans is closer to a small house than a book. Regardless of its content, physically its going to be a challenging read. Call me a coward but I’m planning to put off the larger volumes to the end.

So I’m reading Consolation by Michael Redhill next. It’s a funny little book, a very small but thick hardcover, with strangely floppy pages. The cover art reminds me of some kind of point-and-click underwater adventure game.

According to my lists I have read his previous novel Martin Sloane, but I can recall nothing about it. But there it is - August 2003. Sandwiched between If Nobody Speaks of Remarkable Things (Jon McGregor) which I vividly remember liking immensely and buying for quite a few friends, and Man Kills Woman (D.L. Flusfeder) which I recall as being quite naff and having an odd artistic impression cover.

So I’ll have to see if Consolation makes a more lasting impression.


Stefanie said...

Oh, those are nice, fat books!

John said...

Coward! (Well, you did ask.) To be fair I'm leaving Darkmans to the end too. Next up it's either Consolation or Winnie & Wolf, looking forward to the first and not to the second.